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Issuing bonds

Issuing bonds is a quick and easy way for a company that is recognised and has good financial results to find outside means of financing its business besides applying for a bank loan. We will offer You the best solution in terms of the maturity, yield potential and amount of bonds to be issued and, if necessary, give recommendations regarding any additional guarantees and structures that may help the success of the issue. Many of our issues do not require financial guarantees.

We will help You fill out the documents necessary for issue, find the potential investors and organise the registration of bonds. The issuer of bonds should count on a minimum of one week preparation time in case the bonds are issued to institutional investors – the exact time depending on the issuer’s recognisability, financial viability, yield opportunity and other factors. It is more time-consuming to organise public issues.

The issuer should be ready to introduce the present state of affairs in her company, the plans for the future and financial results to potential investors.

Please contact Your client relations manager at Danske Bank and we will discuss details.